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    New Study Says Eating “B**ty” Causes Cancer

    While it’s a known fact that smoking cigarettes can cause cancer, a new study has revealed that “anallingus, otherwise known as eating b**ty” can cause cancer too. In recent year the popularity of eating b00ty has increased in most cultures. Now, scientists and study claims that it’s just best to stay away from the hole. […] More

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    Make-A-Wish Teen Requests To Receive Oral Sex From Porn Star Teanna Trump As His Final Wish

    NEW ORLEANS – A 17 year old Make-A-Wish foundation teen, who is suffering from a chronic HIV infection, has reportedly made a wish to recieve oral sex from popular pornographic actress Teanna Trump. Jeffrey Jones, who is currently suffering from a chronic HIV infection, reportedly told his physician he wanted to receive oral sex from […] More

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    5th Grader Expelled For Pimping Classmates For ‘$3 Kisses and $2 Hugs’

    11-year-old 5th grade entrepreneur from Houston, Texas has recently been expelled for simply pursuing the American Dream. The boy, sorry *grown ass man, was turning a hefty profit by pimpin his classmates for $3 kisses and $2 hugs. Authorities estimate that in the three months, the grown ass man raked in close to $500, which […] More

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    Man Kills His Best Friend For Not Saying “No Homo” After 10-hour Anal Session

    FLORIDA – 21-year old Tyrone Smith killed his so-called best friend, Xavier Johnson, after a 10-hour anal session between 2 completely heterosexual men, Xavier didn’t say “No homo” or “No homo bro”, thus, automatically converting it into non-heterosexual sex. The incident happened last night in Florida, in a small apartment in Orlando. Tyrone stabbed his friend […] More

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    Young Ma Reportedly Pregnant by Young Thug

    I just knew my baby daddy would be in touch with his feminine side and my only other requirement is that he be a member of the LGBT. Young Ma which stands for young man she just dropped the n is reportedly pregnant by zesty gangstalicious rapper young thug. The two met at a studio […] More

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    Doctor Says Bl0wjobs Kill Covid-19, Semen found to protect throat from Virus

    Doctor Claims ‘Orgasms Kill Coronavirus’ With many on social media speculating there may well be a mini baby boom in 9 months’ time as people seek to quell boredom during nationwide lockdown it seems more frequent sex may actually be beneficial to our health – or so Dr. Mendoza, a New York born sexologist claims. […] More

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    Homeless Man Infects 3K People with Covid-19 After Defecating in Drinking Fountain

    The San Francisco Department of Public Health has issued a warning to all residents after thousands could be infected from drinking at a contaminated water fountain. Thousands of San Francisco residents could have been infected after drinking from a water fountain that a homeless man contaminated with COVID-19, said health authorities yesterday. The homeless man […] More

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