Dad Arrested For Locking Son In Trunk After Seeing His “Arch That Back Challenge” Video On IG

“He seemed flexible in the video so it was nothing to fit him in the trunk”

Said 47-year-old Barry HoldenShit after seeing his 15-year-old son’s Arch That Back Challenge Video on Facebook. The boy has lost his damn mind, the dad thinks a recent flu shot could be the reason his son is acting like a bit*ch. The Arch That Back Challenge has been a popular video,.thousands of sexy women and Bears have taken to the Internet posting videos of them laying on the ground arching their backs.

“Never knew anyone still drove a Saturn.. Guess I was wrong”- Lightman

Lt. Mark Lightman of the North Carolina High Way patrol was in shocked when he arrived only to hear the teen screaming for help. The dad was released on two thousand dollar bond but insisted to the judge is he caught his son doing anymore challenges that they could find him back in the trunk.



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