Prostitute Shot Twice in the Head After Client Thought She was Transgender

“Did You See the Jaw line on that B*tch? I never in my life seen a woman with a face that strong, how was I supposed to know she wasn’t a he? Her mouth was so amazing it had to be a dude no woman could possible have jaw muscles that strong, my penis is still numb she must have had a sex change and was born a man” — John Goldberg

Prostitute Deandra Shimmens was found dead in a Miami, Florida Quality inn after being shot twice at point blank range by an angry client because he thought she was a Tranny.

John Goldberg responded to an adult advertisement online to engage in sexual services with a whore and came across Deandra’s profile. Online she goes by the name Bloodsucker the Whore.

He read her online ad reviews that stated her fellatio was outstanding with claims she could suck a golf ball through a straw. He decide to book an appointment and when he made it to the room the lights were off and she proceeded to service him.

He says it was so good he literally felt his soul leave his body and felt like he was in heaven for a few minutes. Just before he went to compensate her with a big tip for her outstanding services he went to the bathroom and turned on the lights and when he turned around he saw her face and that’s when he says it was a transgender with a strong face. He blacked out and when he woke up he had blood all over himself and was in the back of the police car.

He is being held at the County Jail awaiting arraignment on charges of first degree murder and it’s being classified as a Hate Crime so he is facing the Death Penalty.



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