Elon Musk to Donate 250 Billion for Reparations to African Americans in U.S.

“World Hunger is one thing but If we are going to change the world we have to start with the blacks. They were in Slavery for 450 years and built the United States on there backs if anybody deserves my money it’s them” — Musk

Much is said about the uneven distribution of wealth across the globe and how the richest people can solve much of the world’s problems. Now, responding to one such remark, billionaire Elon Musk has offered to sell some of his Tesla (TSLA) stock “right now” if the United States’ Government can show him how the money would be distributed to all African Americans. His tweet has, nevertheless, left Blacks & Whites divided online.

Dragon Master Adolph White of the North Carolina Chapter of the Klu Klux Klan had this to say:

“If you give those N***ers our money all they will do is buy gold chains, rims, and Newport’s. They don’t deserve it we as the Master Race need that money to take our country back!” — White

Antwan Morehouse of the Atlanta Division of the newly reformed Black Panther Party had some words for Elon as well saying:

“It’s about got damn time you crackers gave us our damn money, we deserve more but we’ll take it for all those years picking cotton and building America for you punk motherf*ckers!” — Antwan

That said, the amount would be approximately just a mere 25 per cent of Musk’s fortune of nearly $1 Trillion, according to Forbes. His electric car company Tesla Inc surpassed $3 trillion in market value last week. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO whose net worth has ballooned by more than 1000% this year – courtesy the skyrocketing value of Tesla – is now the world’s richest man.



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