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Michael Jordan Lowering Price to 19.99 On All Jordan’s By The End Of 2020

“I’m just tired of people paying for the illusion that more expensive means better, when in reality my shoes cost $5 to make” Said basketball legend Michael Jordan on why he is lowering the price on his super popular Air Jordan brand sneakers.

MJ is sick and tired of blacks killing blacks over his high priced shoes. He wants to set a precedent by showing people that spending more money on something exclusive doesn’t make you special it just makes you a fool with money. Michael Jordan feels bad for all these young black males with these large Jordan shoe collections but they don’t have one red cent invested in Jordan or Nike Stock and he would like to save them from themselves.

He will make the transition in lowering the prices nationwide slowly over the course of the next couple months to deter any backlash in the black community we’re told some store like Target and Wallmart will also carry Jordan brand shoes.

“I think he smokin crack, you know how much money I spent on my Jordan collection?, I buy these to be a star in my hood, everywhere I go they call me Young Retro, if he make em cheap like them starbury’s I’m taking my shoe collection talents to Lebron” said disgruntled Jordan collector Malik “Young Retro” Wilburn.

We will have to wait and see how this change will effect the crime rate in the black community as well as MJ’s pockets.

Although Jordans approach is awesome. The problem is most people want Jordans so they can fulfill what’s lacking in their life like praise, self esteem, acceptance, and so forth. Those kids need to grow up and stop collecting shoes and start collecting stocks, bonds, & other investments.




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