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    Louisiana woman refuses to return $1.2M mistakenly deposited into her account

    NEW ORLEANS — A Louisiana woman working as a 911 dispatcher for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, is accused of refusing to return more than $1.2 million mistakenly deposited into her brokerage account, authorities said. Kelyn Spadoni, 33, of Harvey, was arrested Wednesday and charged with theft valued over $25,000, bank fraud and illegal transmission […] More

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    Space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it

    TEL AVIV: Amid debates about the existence of aliens, a former Israeli space security chief has said there is an existence of “ Galactic Federation ” and Israel and the US have been dealing with aliens for years. Haim Eshed, 87-year-old former space security chief, gave further descriptions about exactly what sort of agreements have […] More

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    Man Charged With Assault After Rough Doggy Style Sex Caused Woman’s Butt Implants To Explode [VIDEO]

    A Georgia man is in police custody after a call was made complaining about a strange assault. 26 year old Tamela Martin called 911 after a man, 19 year old Sean Williams, caused her buttocks to explode during doggy style sex. According to Martin, when the two were havig sex, Williams began to pound her […] More

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    Man who lost penis to blood infection has new one built on his arm

    A British man whose penis fell off due to a severe blood infection had a new one built – on his arm, where he even got an extra 2 inches, according to a report. Malcolm MacDonald, 45, a mechanic, suffered a horrific infection in his perineum that turned his fingers, toes and manhood black, The […] More

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    22 Colorado children die from coronavirus

    At least two youths in Colorado have died after developing a rare coronavirus-linked inflammatory condition known as Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), health officials in the state said this week. A total of seven children in the state have developed the syndrome, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) […] More

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    *LEAKED AUDIO* of Meg the Stallion Shot in the Foot [VIDEO]

    Megan, who was in an SUV with Lanez, was shot “multiple times” in the foot, but she initially told police her foot was cut by broken glass. LilJu came forward to shut down speculation that the rap crooner fired his weapon to help protect Megan during an altercation at a pool party on Sunday. LilJu […] More

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    All of These States Listed Are Headed for a “Full Shutdown”

    It was only a short time ago that the entire country was under some form of lockdown to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But as states across the U.S. began reopening—some much earlier and faster than others—new epicenters of the pandemic have emerged, with hotspots spanning east to west. To show where COVID risk […] More

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    Black Woman Murdered While Attending All White Sleepover

    A Florida attorney said there is a “strong possibility” that the death of Tamla Horsford, a black Forsyth County woman and mother of six who died during a largely all-white adult overnight party in 2018, is a homicide. In a letter sent to Horsford’s husband, Leander, on June 5, attorney Ralph E. Fernandez said his […] More

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