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    wife of Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin files for DIVORCE on same day he is arrested

    Kellie Chauvin’s lawyers said Friday that she was filing for divorce from Derek Chauvin, her husband of about a decade The announcement came as Derek was charged with George Floyd’s murder Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck during an arrest over an alleged fake $20 bill on Monday, leading to his […] More

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    Man called George Floyd video ‘glorious to watch’-now people are Destroying his business

    Online sleuths are taking vengeance after a man called the video showing an officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, suffocating him, “glorious to watch.” On Monday, a bystander-recorded video of the incident went viral. It shows a Minneapolis police officer keeling on Floyd’s neck. The officer had Floyd pinned down for about nine minutes as […] More

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    Texas Man Was Choked Unconscious for Smiling in his Mugshot

    A Texas man is suing Harris County for allegedly being choked because he was smiling for his mug shot. Christopher Johnson was arrested on the suspicion that he was driving while intoxicated, the lawsuit filed Wednesday states. When he was posing for his mug shot, he was allegedly choked by two Harris County employees while […] More

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    Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao, officers caught on tape in the death of George Floyd death of George Floyd

    The Minneapolis police officer shown on video kneeling on George Floyd’s neck as Floyd pleaded for help, along with another officer who stood by and watched, have both been involved in use-of-force incidents over their careers. Officer Derek Chauvin has been identified as the officer pinning down Floyd in the now-viral video, which shows Floyd […] More

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    Onlyfans Boyfriend Makes $9Million from 6 Girlfriends Since Pandemic Started

    “I’m Making More Money then the President, I’m thinking about giving the government a loan since I’m making money faster than they can print it” — Choosy Since the coronavirus pandemic began close to 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment and are struggling to survive. One man Jay Mendoza aka Choosy the P is […] More

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    DENVER, CO – With marijuana grown indoors and mysterious chemicals used to make marijuana stronger everyday it was only a matter of time till someone overdosed from this no potentially deadly strain of marijuana. Police are saying the THC strength of the marijuana consumed by Gary Fields was 10 times greater than that of heroin. Yesterday […] More

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    Onlyfans: The Last Resort for Pimpless Prostitutes to Survive During Corona Virus Pandemic

    OnlyFans has put X-rated entertainment in the hands of its entertainers. Call it the paywall of porn. It is saving prostitutes and strippers that can’t afford a Pimp during this corona virus pandemic. Every day, hundreds of men pay Dannii Harwood to enact their sexual fantasies and boost their self-esteem. Sometimes her clothes come off. […] More

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    Barber Dies From Coronavirus After Continuing To Cut Hair During Pandemic

    Damn: Barber Dies from COVID-19 After Taking House Calls Y’all, please stay home. A Mississippi barber has died from the coronavirus after his family says he continued to cut customers hair during the pandemic. Black people are dying at a disproportionate rate from COVID-19 in several states across the country, especially the south. Eugene Thompson […] More

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    Map shows the cities where deadly 5G cell towers are being rolled out

    Ultra-high speed 5G is being rolled out all across the country, despite serious reservations about its potential impact on people’s health. If you’re wondering if this unwelcome development is coming to a city near you, All News Pipeline has created a map that shows all the places where 5G has already been installed or will […] More

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    6 Drinks That Are Guaranteed To Detox Your Lungs [VIDEO]

    What if we told you there are drinks that treat lung problems? We’re talking turmeric ginger tea, cherry-mango smoothie, pineapple-papaya juice and more. Video below… Timestamps: 1. Ginger-Orange-Lemon Smoothie – 00:27 2. Turmeric Ginger Tea – 01:16 3. Ginger-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice – 02:00 4. Pineapple-Papay Juice – 02:42 5. Cherry-Mango Smoothie – 03:36 6. Watercress-Turnip-Lemon Juice […] More

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    Lifesaving’ lupus drug in short supply after Trump claims it’s a possible coronavirus cure

    For nearly 30 years, Bonnie Lieberman has relied on a drug called Plaquenil to prevent a flare-up of symptoms associated with lupus: rashes, debilitating fatigue, “swollen, hot, painful joints.” “This drug is lifesaving for me because it helps me function,” she said. But when Lieberman, a preschool teacher from California, called her pharmacy Friday to […] More

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    President bans sex for the next 6months to prevent coronavirus spread

    The Kenyan government has told members of the public to avoid unnecessary sex and have at least two beds in one household. The government also discouraged any close contact of people with their partners saying that will increase the chance of spreading coronavirus. Kenya has confirmed three more coronavirus cases, meaning the country now has […] More

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