Girl Gets Surgery for her Body, Kills Surgeon Because Face Still Ugly

Chicago woman Jaqueshia Punkins murders Miami Surgeon after Tummy Tuck, BBL and liposuction did nothing to change her unattractive looks.

“I really thought after I got my body did I was gone find me a good n**ga to take care of me but errybody keep saying I look like a rat in the face” — Jaqueshia

Jaqueshia received a PPP loan to get her body done after she failed as a Prostitute to make the money on her own without helPPP. She suffers from severe depression and uglyitis for looking like a tranny in the face. She planned on having a newfound confidence with her new body but then realized her face was still resembled that of an orangutan.🦧

“I didn’t mean to kill him I was just mad at the world because I was born with a face like this I asked him could he do my face and he said god couldn’t help me fix your face and that’s when I blacked out and he was dead I’m so sorry please forgive me” — Jaqueshia

Mrs. Punkins is facing felony murder charges and still had to pay back the PPP loan she borrowed. She is awaiting arraignment while sitting in county jail.



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