Prostitutes Are Being Forced to Choose Pimps at Alarming Rate Over Coronavirus Outbreak

“It was all good just a month ago but since I left my ex Pimp I can’t take it anymore I gotta find a new Daddy fast I can’t do this alone no more I’m so stressed out” — Lexxy304

The coronavirus is spreading faster than ever and people are starting to panic like it’s the end of the world. Trump declared a state of emergency and people are losing their minds.

One group of people that most Americans forgot about are prostitutes. Ever since the birth of the internet and things like onlyfans most prostitutes wouldn’t dare pay a pimp. This corona outbreak has changed everything as now thousands of lost prostitutes are searching for some good ole fashioned Pimpin in their life to make things alright.

“I was solo for years when Craigslist shut down I kept hoeing when BP Shut down I kept on hoeing but this corona shit is teww much like where the f*ck are the tricks? I  need me a Daddy like yesterday so I can pay some Pimpin, I don’t know why I thought I could do it alone I need a Pimp or I might die out here so right now I got my fee and I’m looking to choose” — Punky

We will keep you updated on the underworld of America as we follow some of these whores to see if they do in fact find a Pimp. Stay Tuned



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