Onlyfans Biggest Competitor Onlypunks Created By Thugger is on the Rise

Onlyfans has around 9 million registered users and over 100,000 content creators, who have received over $175 million since the company launched in 2016. Years after tube sites like Pornhub began streaming free videos, OnlyFans is helping to re-monetise adult content.

The platform has a big competitor called that is doing record breaking numbers since its conception in January of 2020. The company already has 1 million registered users in only a few short months and has grown 300% since the coronavirus pandemic started.

It is exclusively for Gay & Lesbian content creators and they are raking in the big bucks in a major way. One content creator Gump “Twinker put it in my Stinker” Gonzalez spoke with us to tell us about how onlypunks changed his life:

“I was broke homeless and sucking d*ck on megapersonals for a whole year living in the motel 6, but within a month of me signing up with onlypunks I bought my first home, 3 cars and money in my bank account, I love my life and now men pay to see my boyfriend pound this @ss out and I no longer have to f*ck for weed and molly doing $70 specials I’m so grateful for onlypunks” — Twinker

The gays aren’t the only ones cashing on the onlypunks wave, we spoke to proud dyke content creator Kelly “Shim Let Me Put This Plastic In” Patterson:

“I was just giving away this 9inch plastic dildo to these hoes for free now I get paid and make thousands to do what they husbands and boyfriends can’t do, keep em cummin, onlypunks is a blessing now I walk around with the strap on just in case I have to create content on the go, the more content I make the more money I make it really changed my life” — Shim

Founder of Onlypunks Bruce Lane says onlyfans needs to watch out they are coming for that number one spot. Adding that after the rain look for the rainbow.🌈



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