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President Trump Likely Has Coronavirus – Faces Hospitalization!

There’s a new report from Slate magazine, that claims that President Donald Trump is “likely” to have contracted the coronavirus.

This is bad news for Trump, because ViralCocaine News has learned he’s at high risk for developing serious complications if he’s contracted the virus. Trump has a number of risk factors, which will all but guarantee that the virus will be devastating for the president.

First off, he’s obese. According to researchers in China, obese patients are at high risk for developing complications with the virus. Trump weighs more than 320 pounds and is 5’10. According to the CDC calculator, he is 50% body fat and considered “severely obese.”

Second, the president is 72 years old. Doctors say that the elderly – defined as those over 70 – are at a much higher risk of death or becoming seriously ill.

Third, he’s a man. The disease is a lot more severe in men than in women. Researchers don’t know why, but the epidemiological reports are clear – men face more complications than women.

Finally, the president has serious heart disease. The last publicly available cardio calcium report of Trump showed that he had extensive heart disease. So much so, that he now takes daily medication to keep it at bay.

Here’s the Slate article discussing why they believe Trump has contracted the coronavirus.




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