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Woman Goes Blind After Brother Pranks Her With Facial Cum Shot

Atlanta| A woman has lost her eyesight in one of her eyes after her brother ejaculated in her face in what was meant to be a practical joke.

Eleana Thompson, was apparently sleeping when her brother, James Thompson, decided to ejaculate in her left eye as a prank, not knowing he had contracted Syphilis after a recent trip to Thailand where he admits having unprotected anal sex.

After a severe rash developed in her eye and the irritation became unbearable, a visit to the emergency room determined that she was infected with Syphilis, according to doctors.

“Since we were kids we love to play pranks on each other. Maybe this time it went a little bit too far,” Eleana Thompson’s brother James told reporters.

James Thompson told reporters he felt horrible about his sister losing her eyesight.

Even if the tragic accident has left Eleana with her vision impaired, she still doesn’t blame her brother for what happened.

“Who would’ve ever expected such a prank could go so wrong,” Eleana told reporters.

“People often find James weird or even call him a freak but he is my only brother and I will always love him,” she added.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease normally contracted from the sores of an infected person during sexual intercourse, including anal, vaginal and oral sex and unless treated timely and properly Syphilis can cause serious complications and, eventually, death.



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