Woman Files Police Report After Realizing She Slept With White Men, Not Black

FL | A young woman who had been partying at a Miami club last week has filed a police report claiming she had been tricked into having sex with two Caucasian men she believed to be Afro-American.

The young woman, who first admitted having a consensual threesome with the two men the night before, says she filed a police report the next day after realizing the two men were, in fact, Caucasian and not black.

She realized the mistake after several of her friends pointed out that she was with two white men painted in black on the uploaded pictures after she shared them on social media.

The woman claims that Miami police refused to take her request seriously claiming that the sexual relations were “clearly consensual” and that she could not change her mind just because she thought they were of a “different race”.

“I thought that the Miami police would be supportive, but they just laughed at my face,” she told the Miami Herald.

She also explained how she had been tricked into sleeping with them because she believed they were black guys and that it constituted sexual assault, according to her.

“I don’t do white guys, they have tiny little dicks. I like big black dicks. I would never sleep with a white guy, ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you the same!” she said, visibly angry.

The young woman, who wishes to keep her identity a secret, claims the threesome was consensual at first, but not after realizing both men she slept with were not, in fact, black.

After the police refused to take her testimony seriously and write a report, claiming no real crime had occurred, she decided to reach out to the local press.

“They told me their names were Tyrone and Jamal, that they were drug dealers from Detroit and that they were working on their latest rap album” she explained to Miami Herald reporter, Jane Clovis.

“I feel so dirty! I’d promised myself I’d never sleep with a white guy in my life. I feel so ashamed!” she added.

A Miami Police Department spokesman would not develop on this specific case but told the Miami Herald that the police department can refuse to take a report that, on its face, describes conduct that does not constitute a criminal act



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