Valentines Day Tragedy: Kevin Gates Has Reportedly Impregnated His Cousin, Who He Admits Having A Sexual Relationship With!

BATON ROUGE – After admitting to having sexual relations with his own cousin, Kevin Gates has reportedly impregnated his cousin.

Kevin Gates publicly announced that he was having sexual relations with his cousin for two years and probably will not stop. We know what you’re thinking—”wow this man is sick” right? Well the truth is he was dating his cousin for two years and didn’t even know it! Until realizing that it was his own cousin a few days ago, Gates says he probably will not stop because “there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Well we sure know Gates is true to his word as his cousin is now pregnant, according to a pregnancy test done yesterday. Kevin Gates had something to say about the situation: “We all have that cousin that look fine as hell, and in our minds, we all all say “damn I wish she or he wasn’t my cousin” but I’m one of the only brave n*ggas to not give a f*ck and give that a*s a good thrashin even if she my cousin. If you ain’t hittin your cousin and she fine, you gay, sh*t, even if your momma fine and you aint hittin, you gay”. Although Gates seems very happy for his absurd accomplishment, there’s still a very good chance that Gates’ child will be born with a disability.



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