Thousands of Prostitutes File For UnEmployment After Mega Personals Shuts Down Adult Section

“How am I supposed to live? I’ve got a quota to meet! My pimp is not happy” Mercedes

The Feds are coming down on hard on Megapersonals & after allegations of pimping and prostitution. Mega Personals & Listcrawler most viewed page section is their “Adult” section, where women of the night can offer services and lonely customers can pay to get their Rocks Off. The founders of Mega Personals Mr. Mendoza claim that the feds are violating freedom of speech and freedom to sell “PumPum”. Thousands of Prostitutes are now unemployed with no way of supporting themselves. Many of these women have flooded their local unemployment offices to apply for assistance.

Most people work 9-5 I work 45-75. That’s the number of customers I’d see a day. I can’t put “Gives Great Bl0w Job” on a resume!