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Teen Loses His Pecker After Girlfriend She Gave Him A BJ With Braces

A 17-year-old boy is being hospitalized after his girlfriend almost accidentally severed his penis while giving him a BJ.

Jayden Williams, 17, is being treated at the Santa Cruz Dominican Hospital after his girlfriend, Tanya Hopkins, 12, attempted to perform oral sex on her boyfriend with her newly installed braces.

Tanya’s braces apparently got stuck in his pubic hairs before she allegedly panicked, gasping for air, and tried to release herself by forcefully thrashing her head backward multiple times thus almost lacerating her boyfriend’s penis in half as well.

“Blood was everywhere. Her braces just sliced through the skin and nerves. I couldn’t handle the pain, I just passed out,” Williams told reporters.

“She’s always been pretty terrible at giving blow jobs. She would always dig in with her teeth and so I was used to it hurting as hell already, but this time the pain was unbearable,” he recalled.

“I first thought that getting a head job with braces was kind of exciting until I felt the pain. It was like needles sinking into my skin,” he added in horror.

The penis, which has suffered a profound cut to the deep artery, could leave Williams permanently impotent fears Dr. Edward H. Johnson at the Santa Cruz Dominican Hospital.

Tanya Hopkins’s mother, Alison Hopkins, claims she was unaware that her daughter was having sexual relations with her 17-year-old boyfriend and believes the accident happened because of her daughter’s “lack of judgment and life experience”.

“I feel incredibly sorry for what happened to Jayden, but somewhere I just can’t believe there isn’t some godly justice behind all of this,” she told local reporters.

“I know he almost lost his penis and will possibly never have an erection again, but trying to put his pecker in my 12-year-old daughter’s mouth while she was wearing braces was probably not the greatest idea” she admitted, visibly furious.

“If you ask me, the pervert got what he deserved. For God’s sake, she just turned 12 last month,” her father added firmly.

Jayden Williams first decided to reach out to others and share his story on social media in the hope of “warning other teenagers about the dangers of oral sex and braces” and to “prevent others from facing similar devastating consequences” he wrote on Facebook.



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