Onlyfans Boyfriend Makes $9Million from 6 Girlfriends Since Pandemic Started

“I’m Making More Money then the President, I’m thinking about giving the government a loan since I’m making money faster than they can print it” — Choosy

Since the coronavirus pandemic began close to 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment and are struggling to survive. One man Jay Mendoza aka Choosy the P is living the life most men can only dream about. He’s made over $9 million in only 8 short weeks since the pandemic started with 6 girlfriends on Onlyfans.

“I haven’t left the house in 2 months all I do is get my d*ck sucked, F*ck and order DoorDash, while I record my bitches eat each other out”

Said a jovial enthusiastic Choosy the P when we asked him what his day entails. He started with one Instagram model and she brought a friend and before he knew it he was 9 deep with no sleep.

Many woman have signed up on onlyfans but only a small percentage actually make any significant amount of money. We asked Choosy what was his secret and he told us:

“You can’t write new a chapter in your life with empty thoughts and a dull pencil” — Choosy

We were a little confused so we asked him to elaborate and he simply told us “if they knew better they would do better”.



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