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Man Who Suffered Heart-Attack After Eating Burritos Sues Taco Bell For $4 Millon

NEW JERSEY | A man has launched a $4 Million lawsuit this morning against the American fast food chain Taco Bell, whom he blames for causing a heart attack that almost killed him.

Eric Johnson suffered a severe heart attack on last weekend while he was eating at a Taco Bell restaurant. The man crumbled on the restaurant’s floor after eating and remained unconscious until was rescued by paramedics.

Fortunately, he was rapidly transported to the hospital where he underwent twelve hours of surgery and was finally stabilized.

The 48-year old man had just eaten 3 beef burritos and 2 chili cheese burritos, as well as 2 beef quesadillas. He also had chili cheese fries and a nachos supreme as side dishes, a large soda and a dozen caramel apple empanadas for the dessert.

Mr. Johnson claims that he was healthy before he entered the restaurant and that the food’s poor quality caused his heart attack.

“I always knew Mexican food wasn’t as good for me as American one, as it always gives me gas and makes me feel bloated, but I never thought it would kill me!”

The man claims he had seen a doctor only days before his heart attack, and that no problem had been detected.

“Only two days before, my doctor told me that I was surprisingly healthy for a man of my weight and that I could hope to live another ten years. Then I eat this crappy Mexican food, and I almost die.”

Yum! Brands Inc., who owns and operates Taco Bell, claims the company clearly indicates the nutritional content of its products and has, therefore, no responsibility in Mr. Johnson’s heart problems.

Mr. César Gonzalez and Hernando Franco Ramirez, Taco Bell’s lawyers, asked for the case to be dismissed this morning, but the judge refused their demand.

This isn’t the first time that a customer sues a fast food company after suffering health problems, and some have received some very large financial compensations in the past.

In 2008, KFC was forced to pay a Minnesota man more than $3.2M after he demonstrated that their chicken was the cause of his erectile dysfunction.

Last year, Starbuck’s had to pay $5.65M to a man her grew breast after drinking too many of the chain’s soy lattes.

Even if most judgments in similar cases have often favored the plaintiffs over recent years, most experts believe that Mr. Johnson’s case is not as strong as most others and isn’t certain to win. The hearings for this case will begin on Monday.



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