Alabama – A well-known naturopath and former LGBT militant claims to have “cured himself” of his homosexuality by drinking two glasses of sperm per day for a few months.

61-year old Brian Franklin was for several decades militant and leader of several organizations working for the promotion of LGBT rights.

He says despite his activism, he’s always felt uneasy about being gay and always hoped he could be cured.

The professional naturopath said he spent years studying the nature of homosexuality and the chemical properties of thousands of substances.

After several unsuccessful attempts with various herbs, he turned his attention to a substance which turned out to have the perfect chemical and hormonal properties: human semen.

Some preliminary tests with rats produced some very promising results, so Mr. Franklin decided to test it himself.

Over the last year, he ingested two glasses (600 ml) of semen per day and he says the results are conclusive.

“Only a month after I started the treatment, I began feeling less attracted to men. After six months, I was almost totally straight and I found women hot for the first time in my life!”

Mr. Franklin is convinced that this new scientific breakthrough could help millions of homosexuals around the world.

“I just drink one glass of semen in the morning and one in the evening, and I can live like a normal person. I think it’s totally worth it!”

According to the preliminary studies, the effects of this new semen treatment are reversible and showed that the subjects reverted to their homosexual ways in less than a month if they stop the treatment.

Mr. Franklin is waiting for FDA’s approval before he can sell his semen treatment in the U.S., but he’s confident that it should be approved over the next few months.

Like every claim concerning a possible cure for homosexuality, Mr. Franklin’s treatment was greeted with a lot of skepticism by the scientific community.

Several experts have dismissed the treatment as “ridiculous” or as a “quackery”, and many insist that homosexuality isn’t a disease and cannot be cured.

Many LGBT organizations have also publicly denounced Brian Franklin, calling him a “fraud”, a “homophobe” and a “traitor to all gays”.

Despite all these critics, the 61-year old man is convinced that his treatment will be a marketing success once the FDA approves it and says he’s impatient to begin production.



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