Man Arrested After Spending 4 Hours With Penis Stuck Inside Corpse

Georgia | A man was arrested this morning after his penis got stuck inside a dead man’s rectum, causing him to get caught several hours later.

67-year old Alfred Mortimer Evans (mortician) was lying on the body of a 47-year old car accident victim when his colleagues arrived this morning and he was visibly stuck in this awkward position.

He immediately admitted that he had been in this position for several hours and asked his co-workers for help. Unfortunately for him, his colleagues were unable to help him and they had to call the emergency services.

Joey Dunmore, one of the paramedics who was called on the site, described the scene in an interview with the Savannah Daily Herald.

“He was laying on top of the corpse with his pants around his knees. He didn’t really seem to feel any pain, but he was obviously humiliated.”

It took paramedics more than an hour before they could free him, and he was then immediately arrested by officers of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

17 criminal charges have been filed against Alfred Evans, including indecent treatment of a corpse, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure and possession of illegal drugs.

Since the accused has worked on the night shift at the Chatham County Morgue for 43 years, and the investigators believe he could have sexually abused several other corpses in the past, and they expect to file more charges over the next few days.

Captain John Monroe of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police said that investigators were looking for other possible victims and that more charges could be filed over the next few days.

Mr. Evans’ lawyer, Chad Montgomery, is convinced that the accused is mentally ill.

He demanded a psychiatric evaluation to determine if his client is fit to stand a trial, and the court has accepted his request.

If he is judged fit, he faces a maximum of 85 in jail, possibly even more if other charges are added.

The evaluation will take place over the next few weeks and the legal procedures are expected to begin in February.



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