Homeless man in D.C. was told to self-quarantine after COVID-19 test, but he can’t

Steven Devald, a DC homeless man, said he’d been sick for two weeks when he went to Medstar Georgetown hospital Sunday, fearing he might have Coronavirus.

He took the test, but said medical personnel at the hospital told him he should self-isolate for four days until the results came in.

He said he had no place to self-isolate Sunday night, he went to the Adams Place shelter in NE and slept along with 180 other men. He went to Amazing Love, a health clinic Monday morning, asking for help in finding a place to isolate himself.

“My hospital orders are to self-quarantine,” Devald told abc7 in an interview, “but I’m homeless and I have no place to go. I have no money. I can’t go to work because my boss doesn’t want me to come to work right now because I do delivery.”

We contacted DC’s Human Services department and asked whether they could help him. And in an afternoon news conference, we asked DC Mayor Muriel Bowser whether they could help the man self-isolate?

The mayor responded that the city would make it happen, but when we telephone Devald, after the mayor’s statement, he told us he was still wandering around NE Washington.

But about 10 minutes later, he called us back to say that the Department of Human Services said they were sending a van to pick him up and find him a place where he could stay until he learns the results.

So, his problem apparently solved for the moment.



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