Friendly Prostitute Making $25 a Day Starts GofundMe to Survive Pandemic

“I Used to make 300 a day before the Covid now I can barely afford to eat, I work the hoe stroll 7 days a week I need a Pimp to Save me” — Honey the Punk

The pandemic has made things extremely difficult for whores to survive without a Pimp as most have turned to working at Walmart and other retail jobs. Well known GFE Prostitute Honey the Punk has been struggling to make ends meet since the pandemic began.

She has started a Gofund me on Facebook and has only seen $2 in donations so far but is hopeful things will get better in the future. She tried the unemployment scam most prostitutes are doing but was declined so now she has to work the track to survive until she finds a Gorilla Pimp.

“I really just want a real pimp to really Pimp on my punk ass not no friendly ass nice guy sh*t, like beat my ass when i talk back and put me in check, most of the pimps I deal with be all friendly I ain’t with that sh*t, so if you ready to kick my ass and tell me I aint sh*t you can have all my money Daddy everybody folded on me in 2020 but when I get a real Pimp y’all gone hate me in 2021😢— Honey the Punk



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