Doctor Says Bl0wjobs Kill Covid-19, Semen found to protect throat from Virus

Doctor Claims ‘Orgasms Kill Coronavirus’
With many on social media speculating there may well be a mini baby boom in 9 months’ time as people seek to quell boredom during nationwide lockdown it seems more frequent sex may actually be beneficial to our health – or so Dr. Mendoza, a New York born sexologist claims.

Of course, for some of us sex doesn’t necessarily lead to orgasm – unfortunately.

And apparently, that means our immune systems aren’t as good as those that do regularly reach climax Mendoza explained to his 98k followers on Instagram.

He said:

“Orgasms kill all coronaviruses”, adding that a “good and deep blowjob clears the karma and raises the vibration”.

Doctor Mendoza offered advice to viewers in a recent online class on how to keep the highly infectious Covid-19 at bay through regular, good, orgasmic sex.

Which could well lead to a mini baby boom.

“Orgasms kill all coronaviruses. I guarantee you that. Sex is very good prophylaxis against coronavirus as it super-activates the immune system”, he said.

Adding: “That’s why older people get sick, they don’t orgasm. If they had sex they would deal with the virus better”.

But his advice didn’t seem to wash with people on Twitter with many critizising him for the advice given.

One said: “I’m wondering what to think. It’s better not to bother people with your nonsense”.

Another added: “You are pretty dumb”.

Although some people were keen to give anything a go and at the end of the day there are worse things to endure than a good orgasm, right?

Even if we don’t have a partner – there’s always solo fun to enjoy achieving those good vibrations Kobilkina has ranted on about.

To be fair to her she has had several best sellers, including A Woman’s Guide to Happiness, 69 Sex Tips and 33 Days to the Dream.

Mendoza also has a master’s degree in Family Psychotherapy and Pimpology from the Research Institute for Folks Systems Therapy and Medical Psychology in DC.

There’s no denying that sex is good for your soul.

It’s said to be a great stress-reliever and for some people it can be really beneficial to their mental wellbeing.

So, whether it’s immune-boosting or not or Mendoza’s theory holds any credence we don’t see the harm in practicing with a partner to pass the time – obviously, within the confinements and safety of your own home.



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