China Accused Hiding Number of Corona Virus Deaths Cremating Bodies

China has today admitted it was too slow to react to the coronavirus outbreak which has sparked a global panic and left at least 213 people dead – amid claims that Beijing could be covering up a higher death toll. 

The secretary of the ruling Communist party in Wuhan admitted he felt ‘remorse’ over the outbreak, saying the virus’s impact ‘would have been less’ if measures had been taken sooner. 

The killer virus has spread around the world with the first cases in Britain confirmed today as governments scramble to close their borders and retrieve their worried citizens from Wuhan.   

China has since imposed a drastic quarantine on Wuhan, where the virus is believed to have jumped from wild animals at a city market and infected humans.  

Officials today raised the death toll to 213 with nearly 10,000 people infected, but there are fears that the official figures are ‘way too low’ – sparking claims of a cover-up. 

Crematorium workers in the city claim that bodies are being sent from hospitals without being added to the official record.  



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