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Canadian Trapper Survives Brutal Sexual Assault By 200-Pound Beaver

A Canadian trapper claims he has survived a brutal sexual assault by what he calls the “biggest beaver he has ever seen.”

Bill O’Connor, was checking his beaver traps near Lake Winnipeg when a large bear-like creature attacked him out of nowhere.

O’Connor, who first thought he was being mauled by a small bear or wolverine, soon realized it was, in fact, a very large-sized beaver.

“I had never seen a beaver of this size in my entire life,” he told local reporters.

The beaver, apparently bruised by one his traps, was extremely aggressive and even managed to knock the sixty-three-year-old man unconscious before he awoke minutes later.

“I woke up, my face in the snow and gasping for hair. The beaver was crushing me with its weight and doing a humping motion on my head and neck while making a strange guttural sound. It must’ve weighed at least 200 pounds,” he recalls.

Moments later, the large-sized semiaquatic rodent eventually ejaculated on O’Connor’s head and neck, before leaving the area.

“I had warm beaver semen all over my hair, face, eyes and mouth, but man was I glad to be alive,” he said, visibly grateful.

Bill O’Connor, 63, told local reporters he had been mauled and sexually assaulted by what he believes to be a massive 200-pound beaver.

Conservation officer, Tom McGreary, says visitors at the nearby Kinwow Bay Park Reserve have reported multiple sightings of an unusually large-sized beaver in the area.

“We have also had several reports in the area by local residents of excessively large beavers but until now it had been more of a local legend,” he said when reached by phone.

“Beavers are usually not an aggressive species unless they feel threatened or are injured, although sexual predation on other mammals, especially humans, is unheard of,” he adds.

Beavers continue to grow throughout their lives and adult specimens weighing over 25 kg (55 lb) are not uncommon. The largest specimen ever recorded was captured in Red Lake, Ontario, in 1897 and weighed an impressive 107 kg (237 lb).



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