Caitlyn Jenner Unhappy As Woman Wants To Transition into a Dog

After breaking a twitter record for the quickest person to reach one million followers in just four hours, as well as all the publicity and magazine covers, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, has shockingly revealed that he is actually not happy as a woman at all, and actually wants to become a dog.

Caitlyn Jenner reportedly believes he will actually be much happier as an animal than a human man or woman. “At first, I felt happy being a woman, but then it’s like I still felt that empty feeling inside, like as if I only wanted to become a woman to get over my fears of being judged, but now since that’s out of the way, I realized I wasn’t actually meant to be a woman either, I was actually meant to be a dog”, Caitlyn Jenner told Huzlers reporters Thursday afternoon.

According to reports, Caitlyn will begin his transformation into a dog next week. Surgeries and procedures will include: replacing current nose with a dog nose, replacing current ears with dog ears. Replacing feet and hands with paws. Surgery of arm and leg bone structure to be able to walk with four limbs comfortably at once. Surgery of the voice box and larynx to limit the ability to speak normally, and instead make noises which mimics barking. And finally, weekly injections of dog hormones to grow dog-like fur all over the body. Experts estimate the cost of all the surgeries to be at around $87,000 dollars. Experts also estimate the time expected for the full transformation to be 5 months.

We can only wait to see how Caitlyn’s transformation into a dog will turn out.



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