Bloods, Crips & All U.S. Gangs Will Stop Killing for Coronavirus Outbreak

“We gotta stop the killing blood our grandmothers and all the old folks need us right now” — Piru Poochy

The coronavirus is affecting every form of life as we already told you with our story on prostitutes choosing pimps. Well it seams the United States street gangs the bloods and crips have joined together to stop the killing in the name of peace.

“I’m just saying cuz we can’t keep killing errybody out here then we know betta then the Rona we gotta keep our people safe and join forces before martial law start..we ready”— Shitty Cuz

We will see just how long this peace treaty will last as there have been reports of major cities no arrested criminals for all non-violent crimes.

Jameel Mendoza the former gang leader who convinced the Bloods & Crips to Join forces has also gotten the Gangster & the Black Disciples in Chicago to lay down there guns in a temporary truce.

“It’s not about this Gang vs that Gang it’s blacks killing blacks, mothers losing sons and kids growing up without fathers..which side are you on?”— Mendoza



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