8-Year-old girl dies after being raped by 12 men, ‘all her relatives’, for three years

This is a disturbing story of an EIGHT-year-old girl who had suffered rape from 16 men, all of them her relatives, from the year 2017 to 2019 has died.

gathered that before her death, the little girl’s sister, who is also 10, had equally suffered sexual abuse during this period.

The little girl’s case first surfaced last year when her mum told police that up to 16 men, all related to the girl, had been raping her since 2017.

The eight-year-old girl had complained of stomach problems before entering the bathroom where she fell and became unconscious.

Her worried parents then broke down the toilet door after they heard no sound from the toilet and took her straight to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The girl was tushed to a hospital in Chennai, the capital city of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

The police have commenced investigation but would wait for the postmortem report to ascertain the exact cause of her death.

The deceased girl’s stepfather told local media she was an intelligent child and aspired to be a police officer.

The parents noticed certain brhavourial changes in both girls before taking the natter to the police in 2019.

The parents according to local media told the police that the girls had suffered from disturbed sleep, random fear, sudden shivering and did not allow people to touch them.

also gathered that the 16 accused men have been arrested and are currently being held in police custody.



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