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WATCH: Ignorant Mississippi Folks Explain Why They Hate Obama (Video)


WATCH: Ignorant Mississippi Folks Explain Why They Hate Obama (Video)


Why are so many white, poor, rural men conservative, even though liberal policies would help them?

And why do they hate President Barack Obama so much?

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These questions have baffled liberals for ages. In 2012, Bill Maher sent documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi out to ask them. She went to a rural part of Mississippi — the poorest and most conservative state in the Union — and talked with some white guys of varying ages and income levels.

What these southern men have to say might not surprise you, but you’ve got to give them props for being so affable and upfront with the daughter of Rep. Nancy “Devil Woman” Pelosi (D-Calif.)

Most striking is how even the least fortunate of these men stoically accepts his economic fate, and how deeply and sincerely these men cherish their beliefs — which seem so grim, heartless, and unappealing to the rest of us.Watch these white, rural men explain why they’re so conservative.White, conservative men explain why they hate Obama:

“One thing, he’s named ‘Obama’”
“This is America. Our president should be American. Not Muslim.”
Why they hate Obamacare even though they need healthcare:

I hate Obamacare. It’s retarded.
Back when i was growing up, and my parents were growing up, and my grandparents were growing up, we didn’t have all that and people still made it. And back then, people pulled their own weight, they didn’t sit around waiting for everyone else to take care of them.

Why they don’t want the government to fix the economy:

It’ll take care of itself. You put God in the saddle, it’ll all be okay.
Why they vote Republican even though it hasn’t worked for them:

But it COULD [work]. It hasn’t, but it could.
We would rather go broke and die hungry than to give up our moral beliefs.
Pelosi’s most baffling exchange was with a chatty, tooth-challenged man who said, “I don’t care for the government.” When an astonished Pelosi reminded him that he’s on food stamps, the man replied:

“Yeah, but I think I deserve food stamps. I have no employment.”

Since 51 percent of people in the state of Mississippi are female, and 37 percent are African American (according to the U.S. Census), we wish Pelosi had also talked with some women and blacks. Nonetheless, Pelosi’s interviews shed a fascinating light on how these white, male conservatives think.

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